Thursday, June 13, 2019

Welcome to Mego Mountain

Heading off to the annual Mego Meet toy show in Columbus this weekend, where I will be giving updates on my twitter and facebook pages. 

Also, I would have watched the Walton's way more if monsters lived next door, just sayin'

For more information on Mego Meet please visit here:


Anonymous said...

Wholesome family entertainment, nothing is worse. Nothing.

...except of course when your parents know your clothing sizes, decide you still can't be trusted to purchase your ownand you discover the first day at high school will see you -dressed- as a character from the Waltons.

That... THAT is worse. Immeasurably so.

What's endlessly plessing this Anon is how strikingly the "Mad Monsters Castle" resembles a number of fine "goth" clubs I regularly attended in my woefully wasted youth.

Large hairy gent on the left, resident bouncer. Front and center, one of the walking wounded, probably under the influence of MDMA. Center rear, someone who decided to wash their MDMA down with a Snakebite Black. Center right, grinning fatuously because he passed on a great "deal" for said pharmaceuticals, yours truly.

Not too much of an exaggeration there, either. The "Count" and his relatives were our fashion role-models. Them as well as Peter Murphy and Davd Bowie and (for me, especially) Dave Vanian.

Strangely, Kieffer Sutherland and company never struck the same chord even though the Lost Boys was very popular in the scene -literally from the first day of its release.

Gamera977 said...

Hope you had a good trip and it was a good show.

Lol Anon! I remember 'The Waltons' was on the same time slot as 'Buck Rodgers'. Guess which one I wanted to watch and which my parents wanted to watch...

Rick Dunn said...

The Waltons' home was also used as the Firefly Inn in Gilmore Girls. Just a note...


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