Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Gi Joe: Action Pals for Adventure

My first action figure love was the GI Joe Adventure team, truly the gateway experience for a pretty happy childhood. No matter how many times I see the art on those wonderful painted boxes, I feel five years old. I seriously hope that never fades.

Here are some fun links to explore on the site:


J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

The REAL G.I Joes... fondly remembered.

Robichaud74 said...

The funny thing is that, at least where I grew up, the late-period Adventure Team stuff (amongst many other mid 70s toy holdovers) was still around throughout that whole Star Wars-dominated "GI Joe interregnum" of the late 70s/very early 80s. Those cool orange boxes were sitting around everywhere at toy stores, and one of my fondest childhood toy memories is circa 1978 or 1979, when my next door neighbor's son, who was briefly back from college, saw me playing with my Adventure Team figures in the front yard, and said "Hey, wait a minute, maybe you'll like these!" He then proceeded to run upstairs to his old bedroom closet, and came back down with this big box of toys, which turned out to be nearly the whole set of just about every "first wave" mid/late '60s action figure line you could think of. '60s Joes and clones, Captain Action, etc. I was flabbergasted (can a 5 year old be flabbergasted?). They were quickly integrated into my daily adventures, seeing action until around '82-'83, when the '80s really came on and all my old toy buddies were closeted in favor of the "new hotness" of RAH, MOTU, etc. Sadly, all of that stuff is gone now, but the memories remain... Thanks, Adventure Team!


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