Saturday, January 24, 2015

Odeon Toys Presents: Captain Canuck

I'm proud to finally announce that Odeon's latest action figure, Captain Canuck is now available to order.

For years, I had been struggling to find an iconic Canadian character to bring to market, many of the attempts dissolved when rights weren't clear. Which was kind of a bummer.

Thanks to my friend and partner in this Sam Noir, I was introduced to the good people at Big B Comics and Captain Canuck Inc, who are as responsible for this as I can claim to be.

Captain Canuck definitely resonated with me as an Ontario lad, I distinctly remember him drawing pictures of him saving the prime minister (with a thought balloon of "why am i saving this guy?", because at 8, I was a master of political satire.). If I had seen this hanging on the shelf of my local Woolco in 1976, it would have been mine.

The photo above is the entirely selfish reason I did this.

Many thanks to Paul "Dr. Mego" Clarke, Mark Huckabone (you saved the maple leaf buddy!), Andrew of Covalt studios, Paul from Laser Mego and Brian Leitner.

Thanks for reading.

You can get the Captain Canuck action figure at the PlaidStallions Shop right now.

And Hey, if you're in Canada and want one today, you're in luck, it's Captain Canuck day! The figure is launching in comic stores like Big B and Strange Adventures (pictured above) right now in cities from Coast to Coast, here is a list

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