Friday, January 02, 2015

A Japanese Toy Store Flyer from the 1970s

It's no secret I'm fond of vintage toy store flyers but getting them from foreign countries is even sweeter!

I can't read a lick of Japanese but I can spot fun classic 1970s toys like Jumbo Machinders (We called them Shogun Warriors), MicroMan (Micronauts here) and the amazing Henshin Cyborg,check out the 1970s Japanese Toy Store Flyer here.


More Japanese toys
Denys Fisher Cyborg Gallery Popy 1978 Catalog

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Anonymous said...

The main text on the first page says "Kon-Chan No Kurisumasu: mattete ne" or "Kon-Chan's Christmas: I have been waiting". I assume Kon-Chan is the guy in the clown suit.


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