Friday, August 22, 2014

The 1980 Marx UK Black Hole Toy Catalog

The 1979 Disney sci fi spectacular "The Black Hole" didn't quite become the next Star Wars but the film did make an impression on a lot of us until the Empire Strikes back made us forget all about it.

 The merchandising bonanza lead by Mego was particularly memorable. In the UK, the brand was handled by Louis Marx and they added some interesting items that sadly I don't think made it to market.

This one will always make me weep.

Check out the other never made toys I want in the 1980 Marx Black Hole Catalog.


2 Warps to Neptune said...

Beautiful. Schaper released a less colorful version of the game as "The Black Hole in Space" in 1979. References to the movie were removed.

plasticfetish said...

The Radio controlled V.I.N.CENT made me break into a sweat. Suppose I should be happy it was never made.


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