Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spotlight: Phantom of the Paradise Blu ray

I haven't done a spotlight review since the winter, mostly because honestly, I don't buy that many new things these days and people rarely send me review stuff. Lucky for me, something crossed my path I just couldn't avoid.

Ever since my (largely irresponsible) older cousin let me watch Phantom of the Paradise at the tender age of 7, I've been a devoted fan of this wicked rock and roll horror satire. Heck, as I type this I'm wearing a Phantom T Shirt (which was unintentional) and I often use a Death Records lighter, I'm hooked I tells ya!

This spotlight isn't about the film itself, if you're reading this I'm assuming you dig the film or are just very bored.

Since that initial viewing I've owned Phantom in every format possible, VHS, laser disk and the rather bare bones (and run of the mill) DVD format but when this was announced I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough. 

Scream Factory really went all out with the love on this one, the film on Blu Ray is a total joy, I found myself noticing things I'd never seen before and I've seen this movie a bunch people.

The joy for me were the extras, which include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • New audio commentary 
  • Interviews with Brian De Palma, Paul Williams and several key production people.
  • Director Guillermo Del Toro (a noted fan) sits down with Paul Williams for an additional interview 
  • A great documentary that I hadn't seen before called Paradise Regained

Perhaps my favourite tidbit was this little short of the late William Finley hawking his Medicom action figure.

The only word of caution I would give is, this is not a DVD combo pack, you do not get the movie on DVD here. The DVD is just extras, so please don't expect to get two versions of the film itself.

Otherwise, if you're a fan like me, this is an early Christmas present. I cannot recommend this enough, I honestly feel like I'm being rewarded by the cosmos for this one. Thanks Scream Factory!

Click here to get it on Amazon (and send me a shiny nickel in the process!)


Andy said...

Thanks for that note about the DVD being extras only. Still need to get this.

Also, with all the franchised material making it to Broadway, I still say this needs a live musical treatment.

R. Sterling Gray said...

I guess Im gonna have to break down and start buying more Blurays. Cause I definitely need this one.

Armpit Studios said...

I was going to wait for it to come up my disc queue on Netflix, but it says "very long wait", and it's DVD only. So, you've talked me into buying the Blu-ray.

Armpit Studios said...

Oh, and I've also confused myself all these years by thinking this was the Kiss movie "Phantom of the Park", which I have seen a couple times, but didn't remember Paul Williams being in it.


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