Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Space:1999 Stun Guns R Fun


I think the Space:1999 stun gun is one of the most iconic Sci-Fi weapons ever created. As a kid, I used a Staple gun until I nabbed the AHI water gun pictured above, it's the most screen accurate toy produced in the 1970s IMO.

AHI had a year of Star Trek sales under their belt so they knew phasers sold well, they applied the same concept to the 1999 merchandise, lucky us.

I've never seen this saucer version before.

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Neal P said...

I too played with a staple gun until my parents got me the Remco stun gun with the flashing lights and sounds. I would've preferred one of these squirt guns, however, because the scale was better for my little hands. Would've saved my parents some cash too.

Unknown said...

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