Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dress up!

Make it a Roycemore night!

Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid Stallions. Order from us and get three free promotional post cards.

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Anonymous said...

"Note the tartan plaid trim."

I'm so glad the copywriter pointed that out. If they hadn't the tartain plaid trim would have escaped all but the most sharp-eyed veiwer's attention.

Monobrow in the white Roycemore suit starred in Caligula so that's definitely going to be worth some righteous street-cred. That other beady-eyed dude who's been telling the same "great slacks story" since high school isn't going to have a chance when Monobrow shows up flaunting his white Roycemore and tells everyone about working with Peter O'Toole, Malcolm McDowell and Hellen Mirrin.


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