Friday, January 11, 2013

Star Raiders Updates

It's been over a year since I launched the Tomland Star Raiders gallery on the site and I've had some good luck with regards to new images and information thanks to some lovely people who like to share.

For those not in the know, the Star Raiders were a brazen and rather kooky attempt to cash in on Star Wars without paying for it. These crude 8" figures are just so full of joy and a childish amount of creativity (that's a compliment)

So, many galleries have been updated with new photographs and information, although there is still a lot of gaps, so if you are a collector and would like to help, please drop me a line.

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend

Visit the revised Star Raiders Gallery here.

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wee67 said...

For me, these guys really embody the joy of toy collecting. There's almost an innocence to their simplicity despite the fact they are cynical attempts to cheaply take advantage of other fads (Star Wars, Mego's 8" format). Probably because of it. These are just crappy toys and the ONLY reason I want them so much is for what they give me back- the simple and pure fun of being a kid.


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