Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meet Polly Flip!

She's a talker!

PS she kinda looks that aunt your mom doesn't talk to...


Unknown said...

Wow...she looks tired...really tired..

Muscato said...

That is one heck of an obscure (and exhausted-looking) fashion doll.

The copy is too small to read - is the "flip" concept just a blonde and a brown wig, or did you get something cleverer for your $9.88?

Wings1295 said...

She looks like she has a had a rough life. Happens when you have a split personality, I suppose.

D7ana said...

Wow, she does look very tired. Like she can barely belly-up to get the next drink down, lol.

The hair concept looks like that of Tuesday Taylor's - swivel scalp that has blond hair on one side and brunette hair on the other.

Thanks for sharing. I have never seen this particular doll before.

terryjfisher said...

Her scalp rotates to change color like the Tuesday Taylor doll from the same era.


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