Friday, April 13, 2012

Mattel Slime for '78

Slime by Mattel \

Mattel toys managed in the late 70s to package some random chemicals and make into a pop culture sensation that never quite went away. Slime may have been the "big ripoff" my parents said is was (for the record my Shag carpet loving parents forbade me to own it) but every kid was drawn to the stuff and HAD TO OWN IT.

Slime by Mattel

By 1978, Mattel was coming up with newer, grosser ways of marketing slime.
Check out the 1978 Mattel Slime Catalog here.


Scoobmaster said...

Ahhh yes. Slime. One of those rare things from childhood that brings back memories with an olfactory sense. As long as I live I will NEVER forget the smell of a fresh can of slime. That is one of those smells that once you experience, you never forget. There is nothing else like it. Those of you who played with this "back in the day" know what I am talking about.

Dantheman said...

I wasn't old enough for this incarnation of Slime, but I remember when it made a comeback in conjunction with the Masters of the Universe Slime Pit playset.

Sam G said...

Scoobmaster is correct. I remember the fresh sell of Slime like it was yesterday. I also remember stuffing the slime as quickly as possible into the plastic trash can and getting an awesome fart sound.

kakupacal said...

Woe to those who played with slime and got any on the rug as that stuff was a permanent magnet for grit, hair, and any lurking rug-crud.

On a related note, I used to enjoy the SLIME board game quite a bit... who wouldn't love smearing helpless citizens with an incontinent slime monster?

Will Errickson said...

The only smell that could compare to a freshly-opened can of Slime is a freshly-opened can of Play-Doh.

jason said...

Ugh. Slime stench. If only I had known before I talked my parents into buying me a can!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember the rubber glow-in-the-dark brain that had pink slime inside it and you could squeeze it and the slime would ooze out between three slits that were cut into the front?

Anonymous said...

I remember (and had) the brain. You're right it glowed in the dark. It had a large slit on the bottom where you would load the slime, and then there were two slits on the front that the slime would ooze out of when you squeezed it. I've been searching for one on Ebay for years with no luck.


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