Friday, May 06, 2011

Kenner Milky and pals

You know I've had a lot of fun at the expense at Kenner's "Milky the marvelous milking Cow" toy with easy comments like "they must have been drunk that day" surfacing. However a deeper look into the Kenner 1978 catalog provides the insight that Milky was not the result of a vodka soaked luncheon but actually a  premeditated series of preschool toys based on animals.

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plasticfetish said...

Milky was in fact kind of a stupid toy. My sister had it when we were little, and once we'd run out of the pills that turn water into milk (if I'm remembering how it worked correctly), all we ended up doing was make it drink weird things like catchup.

That goat on the other hand is completely f***ing awesome. I really want that. (Seriously.)

Shatzi said...

Goat comes with plastic garbage. I love it!

John III said...

I remember the aardvark. Weird toy. I did not want it all!

C. Elam said...

Oh good heavens, I had totally forgotten, but I OWNED GOBBLES THE GOAT! He was just as awesome as he looks.

Gobbles may still be hiding in the attic, but I am afraid to brave the dangers therein to find out.

Tonya M said...

I had Milky and Alvin. I don't remember much about Alvin, I think he ended up disappearing after a while, but Milky ended up living in a pasture with Barbie's horses. My mom took away the milk pills (I was about 3 and I remember her telling me I was too young to have it in the first place) so Milky would just occasionally drink some water and take a leak. It was still fun just for Barbie to have a cow! LOL!


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