Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fashion Mockery Contest Results

Ok, so I got a little ostentatious in thinking I could juggle school, beer,  a six year old's birthday party, beer, fighting a lifelong inclination to nap and judge a tough contest in a single weekend. As a consolation, I've increased the amount of winners:

I got PILES of great stuff, here are some of the runners up:

Steve wrote: "Young Mikey hoped the jumper would draw things out long enough that he could quietly slip away before anyone noticed that his ass looked like a frownie stormtrooper."

Underdog wrote: "While watching the amazing feats of Doug Henning as he made the Statue of Liberty disappear, little Johnny noticed that his wallet had been stolen. It was time for him and his "Disco Crew" (TM) to take action and begin detective work."

Bryan wrote: "Little Tommy, born with his head on backwards, only feels normal when looking up and to the side with his friends... in his new "360 degree" demin ensemble from Penneys."

Aimee wrote: "Man, I didn't think Billy would fly so high when we launched him in our homemade rocket!"

Mark wrote "The boys watched as their self respect bid them a fond farewell."

Tom sent in ““That’s the fourth member of our gang to get a hanging wedgie this week!”

Actually I got a bunch of wedgie related comments, great minds think alike.

The winners after the jump:

The winners of PlaidStallions Prize Packs are:

Don for writing this "Johhny Whitepants ruse was successful, and his dignity would remain intact for another day: "Well, it sure SOUNDED like one, but I don't SEE any ducks...." (I'm an easy mark for a well written fart joke, also I like poorly written ones)

Amanda's wins for this remark  "Wards presents: Androgyny, by Ellen Degeneres. For the ambiguously sexed individual! What lies beneath that clothing...is it male or female??? Well, the secret's

Ranger3 wrote: "New from Ben Cooper for this Haloween: Toney Manero from Saturday Night Fever, Lando Calrissian, and The Malboro Man!"
Amazing Clark wrote this fun opus: "Here we see the album cover for Finnish boy band Beiarghrgi’s 1977 smash success Mind over Mannnerheim featuring the title track and other hits like Lapland Girls and (Girl I Wanna)Disco You.

The band would break up in 1979 when heartthrob Uki (on the left) would leave to pursue a solo career, which resulted in a string of embarrassing albums and movies (and a score of DUI charges) before becoming a game show host. He is currently the host of Finnish Music Television’s "Remember Disco?"

Larghi, the quiet one (on the right) would return to school and was drafted into the Finnish Army. Tragically he would die on maneuvers when his assault boat was swamped on Lake Längelmävesi.

The youngest, Burmo, (center) would find his adolescence plagued with drug abuse and male prostitution. Eventually he would find happiness in Amsterdam’s gay porn industry. He underwent a sex change in 1997 and changed his name to Laika.

A reunion tour is being planned."

And the grand prize goes to.....

John's comment of  "Oh no, is that the 80's? I feel a beating coming on..."

A comment like that has to win a leisure suit although I'd put bell bottoms  against parachute pants anyday.

Thanks to all for playing, it made it very hard. More contests coming soon!
Also many thanks to Halloweencostumes.com for being my first (but hopefully not last) sponsor!


Dancin' Homer said...

Congrats to John - a truly inspired caption!

Great fun, thanks PS.

John III said...

It was short...but to the point. Thanks guys!


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