Friday, December 24, 2010

Vintage Toy Stores Part Nine

Aw yeah, here's a present from me and Mantooth, another chapter in my favourite part of the site, Vintage Toy Store shots. This year we spend a lot of time in 1978 when the Star Wars phenom was taking hold but we also explore a local Heroe's World store (most toy collectors know from whence I speak)

Lots of fun sights this time around including vintage Corgi, Matchbox, AHI rack toys, Zee Toys Metal Men, Shogun Warriors and a big sopping pile of Nerf.

Click here to visit Vintage Toy Store Photos Part Nine

And with that, I bid you adieu for the Christmas season, I hope 70s will leave you all lawn darts and Billy beer.

That's it for Plaidstallions this year, I'll return on New Years Eve for the 2nd annual retro awards until then I have toys to put together and well, malt liquor to consume.

Thanks again for all your kind words and insanely funny comments this year, you folks make this site the reason I sit here and scan.


plasticfetish said...

I don't know what makes "Space Shop" more awesome. Is it the Luke Skywalker mannequin, or is it the giant Close Encounters background image?

gritpipe said...

I had to look up the Zee Toys Metal Men. Seriously, I've never seen or heard of them before this moment. I managed to miss that whole line somehow. I recognize the "Son of a Gun" line though. Interesting.

rob! said...

There was a Heroes World in a nearby mall here for I never missed an opportunity to head in there when I could. Love that crazy door frame!!

Ed South said...

Heroes World was awesome! I love the picture in the gallery for it shows the rolls of stickers in the background. That was always the best part of the store for me. I also got a kick-ass Yogi Bear pencil there once which I treasured for years!

Toy stores said...

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