Thursday, December 02, 2010

Friction fun from AHI

Some fun additions to the AHI Rack Toys section today and it's all about friction pull back motors combined with licensing (of course). Above is a "spin out" Spider Car, it's amazing just how many different vehicles our famous web slinger got.
This is the friction motorized Space:1999 moon car in Canadian packaging. It's amazing a show like Space:1999 got as much merchandising as it did seeing as the show was trying mostly to be moody and cerebreal. I'm happy about this mind you, I love Space:1999 junk..

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Alphacentaurian said...

It is amazing the number of Spidey-vehicles available. I remember the one vehicle Spidey actually had was the Spider-Buggy, which Johnny Storm built for the Wall Crawler. Unfortunately, as it lacked plates and its owner lacked driving skills (and license as well), a police chase forced it into the Hudson :)

These Spider Cars are actually cool, in that it actually has a custom Spidey-sculpted for, rather than just taking an existing car and slapping some decals on it.

Alphacentaurian said...

form, not for... my "m" wuz stuck :P


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