Monday, July 12, 2010

Conversation FunTube Socks

I'm not denying that comical tube socks can't start conversations, what I'm wondering is what really the quality of that conversation would be:

Man 1" Hey neat socks!"

Sock Man " h'yuck, yeah I got them in a catalog"

Ackward Silence

Man 1 "well, bye"


Wings1295 said...

Those are kinda cool, in a weird way.

Monsterforge said...

The creepy old man there is pure, unfiltered nightmare fuel. What were they thinking???

narvolicious said...

You can tell this is pre- "To Catch A Predator" days. Like one could really wear "Dirty Old Men Need Love Too" in public with passersby going "Oh neato, you got some Keepers©!"

narvolicious said...

Man, I'd be a Swinger just to rock those "Swinger" socks at the next Swing meet.

70sFashionRuled said...

The Dirty Old Man one is awesome (most socks were back then compared to the pansy crap of today) and the over obscessed predator nuts (who are truly the ones you have to watch out for) have helped make society much worse today.

rob! said...

"Not looking to get laid, ever? Try these socks then!"

GiGi said...

What's unfortunate is the hairy leg sock is really concealing a real hairy leg :(
Also if the person was wearing those hip bell bottom pants that were all the rage, how could they see the socks


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