Friday, July 23, 2010

1977 Janex Catalog

Anybody who grew in the 70s probably remembers the Janex line of products especially their talking alarm clocks which were a pretty big deal at the time. I for one coveted that Batman and Robin one but I hated waking up as a kid (still do) so I never asked for one.

The addition of this fun (although weather beaten) catalog also adds some much needed Raggedy Anne and Andy merchandise to the site, it seemed like those two were everywhere back in the day.

Visit the 1977 Janex Catalog Here

More Superhero Swag

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John III said...

I know I wrote about the Batman & Robin alarm clock before. I liked it but always wondered why the batmobile was lavender. What?

Anonymous said...

That Batman clock lasted about a month before it became the Batman Normal Non-talking Clock.

Peppermint Patty said...

Just think of all the work I could get done with the "Executive Set" Raggedy Ann and Andy office items.

rob! said...

I had that Batman clock for YEARS, it worked the whole time. (Yet I didn't get laid in high school. Coincidence?)

FilmFather said...

My experience with the Batman and Robin alarm clock was only marginally better than Anonymous. It sucked the life out of batteries at an alarming rate (pun intended).

After three days, I started waking up to a warbling Dynamic Duo who ironically sounded like THEY were the ones to needed some sleep.

Adam Hazlett said...

I was a lucky little boy who's mom
decorated his room in red, white, and blue and added the Raggity Anne and Andy alarm clock.....
That thing lasted forever and may still even be in their attack.
Its alarm is planted in my subconscious.
"Ding- (Anne) Andy, Andy please get up,
it's time to call our friend. (Andy) Okay Anne, I'm awake, Lets shout it once again... (Both) We were sent to wake you, so here we are to say, Please get up and brush your teeth and start your happy day.


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