Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Vest Suit

What a young man had to look forward to wearing in the early 70s, almost an indoctrination into "Furley hood"* and somehow, makes the option of Viet Nam that much more appealing.
* The right of passage where you became a lonely bachelour living in your brother Bart's apartment building.


Dancin' Homer said...

The Bonaduce

wee67 said...

How else do you expect me to show off my kikicn' puffy sleeves?

narvolicious said...

aw man, that built-in belt is too much, lol. And that silk scarf-lookin thing on the left...oh boy. Classic.

finky the kid said...

That corduroy vest suit is just.....insanely terrible. It's liek they knew only future Furley's would wear such a thing because look at the guy they picked to "model" this outfit. They could have put one of the mustachioed macho men or all-American dads. But, no. They picked someone who's feature already looked awkward, as if to signify, if you're already a lost-cause, at least this suit ain't going ta do you any worse."


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