Thursday, May 07, 2009

Battle of the Planets Rack Toys

American kids kind of got the shaft when it came to "Battle of the Planets' merchandise, a board game, some models and these generic rack toys by Gordy. Which while fun in their own right were likely recylced from something else and would be again.
Some of these toys however are hard to find now days, I'm pretty sure I've never seen some of these on the secondary market ever.
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chunky B said...

Just when I think you covered almost everything from my childhood you surprise me... G-FORCE!

wee67 said...

Pinball I've played. But spaceball? That's gotta be infinity times better!

Nikademus said...

The closest we ever got to Battle Of The Planets toys around here was those old school click-clacks (the ones made with string, not the later, lamer solid plastic ones) that we used for Keyop's bolo-type weapon. How none of us got concussions was a miracle.


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