Friday, December 19, 2008

1977 Fisher Price Toy Catalog

I'm not sure any company could represent Christmas in the 70's more to me than Fisher Price, seeing as a lot of their offerings were larger play sets, it was the one given each and every year growing up, under the tree, there would be a Fisher Price toy of some kind.

what the hell happened to me? Honestly I think I have a picture like this for each Christmas in the 70s, so yeah, I'm kind of passionate about Fisher Price.

1977 was a fantastic year, not only did they have the Sesame Street License, FP still carried a lot of the classic Little People and Adventure People sets from earlier on. So if you were a kid in the 70s I can't imagine that you didn't have at least one toy from this classic catalog.

Check out the 1977 Fisher Price Toy Catalog Here

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Anonymous said...

You have seen the Hallmark FP Farm ornament this year? Moos and everything.

Anonymous said...

I'd outgrown Little People by '77, but I had the house playset from years earlier. And since this quaint, four-bedroom center-hall colonial came without a bathroom, I'd pretend that little room under the staircase was the bathroom.

I still have that house, sans furniture, and my kids (who were into the current Little People line) loved playing with Dad's treasure from the olden days!

chunky B said...

Looking at these I wish I was more into Adventure People at the time. I remember a friend having the parachute and thinking that was such a cool toy.

Arkonbey said...

my parents never throw anything out, yet all my Adventure People went missing in the 90's

Northwoods trailblazers (my fave)
wilderness patrol
the sub/helicopter set
parachute guy
sea explorer boat (with that keel-wheel)
big-helmeted diver guy and octopus

and motorcycle guy with bendy legs (he was the best at sinking corpse-like to the bottom of grandparent's swimming pool)

The little people barn wasn't played with for long, but the garage was also useful for Matchbox and HotWheels cars, of course.

Strange. Something about this website is making me wistful and nostalgic... ;)

wurwolf said...

Anonymous, I did see that ornament and bought the last one on the shelf for myself. I love it.

I had the barn and the castle, and many many hours were spent playing with them. I always felt, however, that they dropped the ball with the dog, in that he was fashioned in the same form as the people and not like the rest of the animals. The pig, by default, was my favorite. I also thought that making the rooster and hen able to sit on the fence was a nice touch. When Charlotte's Web was a big deal I drew spider webs on paper and stuck them in the corners of the barn.

By 1977 I was becoming too old for Fischer Price toys but these catalog pages still look like the toys I used to play with. Nowdays the barn and castle look completely different.

wurwolf said...

Actually, I stand corrected, I think the earlier versions had a normal dog and then they changed it to a people dog later.

Anonymous said...


Lucky is the black people-styled dog, but there is also an animal-styled dog.

pika23 said...

Wow! I had everything except the Airport! my nephew plays with his dads Fisher Price garage thats 30 years old, and still perfect condition! They have the school also.

I had the house, and ALL the house accesories...dining room, baby furniture, bedroom furniture, people, dogs, you name it. The farm and School and garage I also had. I had a bus as well...

I also had the oscar in he garbage can. My mom had to take it back to Two Guys because it freaked me out so badly!

wurwolf said...

Two Guys! I loved that store.

narvolicious said...

Two Guys! Yup, loved it. I had so many of those Adventure People sets. My favs were the sea explorer set (which I took every bath with) and the ambulance.

KK said...

Oh wow! Fisher Price little people hold a very dear place in my heart! I had the 'Play Vamily village' as a kid & have re-bought it & all the little pieces from Ebay.
It is now my sons favourite toy.
The fun I had with that playset *sigh*! x


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