Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Back in the Day Toy Shots

Another great batch of photos this week, starting with Chris Franklin, a fellow Megomuseum forum pal proudly displaying his Remco Energized Superheroes along with his 12" Mego Spidey.

Here is a killer shot of Betsy opening an Evel Knievel set. According to Betsy her Evel was best friends with Mego Batman, they even picked up girls together! For more of Betsy check out the Megomuseum blog today.

Rounding out today's set is an awesome shot submitted by Tom Beiter watching anxiously as his brother plays with his new Stretch Armstrong. Come on man, give it back!

Got a back in the day shot you want to share? Drop us a line!


rob! said...


you look pretty sad in that pic, considering the toy haul you've got going on there!

wee67 said...

He's not worried about Stretch Armstrong in that last pic, he's been hypnotized by his brother's shirt!


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