Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Y'ar! Me Buckos!

With all the Pirate stuff in toy stores, I was reminded by the Matchbox line Fighting Furies, which was a line I never even saw as a kid.

The figures were very well made but it was probably was hurt by the fact that the line only had two characters (although a third ghost figure was added) and that Mego had released a Pirate line at the same time.

Fighting Furies were more popular in Europe where Lesney/Matchbox sold a FF cowboy line as well!


Swinebread said...

way cool. I'd love to see them in Twisted Toyfare Theater.

Anonymous said...

These were indeed very very cool. I still have my captain peg leg, who's peg leg is hollow and contains the treasure map! Their construction isn't very sturdy, but I think they beat out the mego pirates for detail. I also like that in the ad the feature to focus on is the fact that the pirate ship comes with an office!


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