Friday, March 30, 2007

Professional Agents Crime Killers

big jim wolf pack

New at is the 1976 Big Jim and the Wolf Pack catalog, the theme this year was Double Trouble and it's seriously cool. As an added bonus I've added a few images of the toys in their boxes to the mix.

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Jon Hunt said...

Big Jim and the Wolf Pack RULED THE EARTH. They were kinda like what would happen if you crossed G.I. Joe with the Village People.

My favorite was Warpath -- as a part-native-American dude, it was cool to have a couple toys that fit my ethnic background. Big Jim looks like he could be native too -- at least the "Double Trouble" version does.

Okay, I can make this joke because I'm native myself. *It's because the angry half looks like he's drunk.*

A-thank you. A-thank you very much.


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