Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Color was your fridge?

reminds me of the dump

Whatever happened to white? Your choices in this 1974 offering are mustard Yellow, Copper and of course, Ovocado Green. I seem to remember having a brown fridge to go along with the orange flower print wall paper, that is also in this catalog.

part four of the Big Jim PACK comic

Today we conclude the Big Jim Wolf PACK comic with the final chapter, Big Jim and the Pack stopped Zorak from taking over the world but will they be able to stop Zorak's attack on the President?


Anonymous said...

My parents had a mustard yellow fridge for 15 years, first bought to match out egg yolk yellow trimmed ranch style house in Florida (shudder), and then toted around the country on our various moves.

Agent Meyer said...

Ovocada Green of course. The old man had one of the Velour for those special moments as well. Now I know the old man got a piece everytime he had that on Saturday mornings. Ish

Unknown said...

cabinet, kitchen stove and the fridge in Ovocado Green it was a wedding gift to my parents, 30 years ago.

Unknown said...

was a wedding gift to my parents, 30 years ago, the fridge,cabinet and the kitchen stove in Ovocado Green.


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