Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sesame Street Play Set: Greatest 70's toy ever?

greatest toy ever

While doing a feature I found this pic and it occurred to me how much this toy rocked. I mean, it's a perfect play set! Accurate to the show, comes with cool props and it's indestructable! I still have mine and it gets tons of use every day. Not by me anymore, mind you. Thank you Fisher Price!
As a side bonus, Old School Sesame Street is getting released on DVD , time to get some preorders in! Hopefully it includes this little gem!

Be sure to check out the Megomuseum blog today, the feature today is Logan's Run.


Anonymous said...

Oh my freaking LORD!!! I had that playset as a kid, and you're right this thing rocked. Can't find anything like this today! Gary

Anonymous said...

My Mom and Dad got me one of these from a garage sale...I still have it all the pieces and now my 4 year old plays with it. I still remember playing with it for hours as a child. :)

Anonymous said...

I still have my "Susan" from this set. She's the only "Little People" figure I can remember with a "fro." I can't seem to let it go... too funny!

Jennifer Rados said...

We had big bird hanged at the end of a string so i could reach the laundry room light switch. morbid, but useful


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