Sunday, May 21, 2006

What's the Word? Thunderbird!

For about 14 years I have collected bottles of Thunderbird wine, friends and loved ones never quite understood why, especially after the rare opportunity to sample it. It was a joke that I seemed to share alone.

Goofing around on the net, I found the website Bumwine which seems to be a kindred spirit.

Bumwine gives an interesting history on T-Bird (it's by Gallo!) as well as Night Train and "Mad Dog" 20/20.

The site also ranks taste (T Bird ranks as the worst), warmth and it's ability to eff your s*it up (T Bird came in second).

The only thing the site is missing is the Canadian Equivilant, Baby Duck, which tastes like grape soda and Alcool.


Steve said...

Thunderbird and Hai Karate. There's an evening for you!

Plaidstallions said...

It's interchangable as to what you can drink!

Unknown said...

So that's where Guns N Roses came up with their song Nighttrain! I knew it was about liquor but I've never actually seen the bottle before.


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