Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weird Pajama Photos Part 1

There is something about this photo that just made me laugh and I had to post it. These kids look PISSED and I gotta wonder if this is the best take or if it was an extremely long day.

Unlike most Catalog models, I didn't see much of these two in other pages either. Weirdness but I have worse than this coming up. I swear I'll use another catalog next week.

Some Cool News: The Mego Museum is having a raffle to promote their amazing trading cards, the prizes are actual rare MOC Mego Dolls, pretty amazing. Tickets are $5 each.


Steve said...

That kid that looks really mad in the front is probably 15 years old, months from getting his driver's license and getting in the pants of some girl... that is, until is stage mother drags him kicking and screaming to this Sears catalog model shoot where they put him in footie pajamas.

I bet everyone at school laughed at him for the rest of the year. They probably even called him "Footie."

Plaidstallions said...

"footie" is the best nickname ever.

Rick L. Phillips said...

What kid when you are as old as the big kid in the photo wants to wear pajamas with feet on them? The person who suggested that the company make them for boys that age must not have had kids or remembered what it was like to be a kid.

Unknown said...

His footie is cool. they even make footed pajamas for REALLY big boys like me. I have a pair with Happy Monkeys on them.

RJ said...

Heres a big kids one now in 2014 - these have become very popular with kids and adults.


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