Thursday, August 08, 2019

Tonka Winnebago

I never had this as a kid but because of "Shazam!", I totally wanted it. Also, I required a Mego Shazam figure to pull this off right. 

My current retirement dream is to own a real one and you'd better believe I'm putting that lightning bolt on the front.


Anonymous said...

If you get outbid at a DEA asset forfeiture auction and the dude who won is going on about air-brushing his new mobile crash-pad with a Center-Neptune/ Battle Of The Planets theme, at least you'll know it's one of your regular readers. :D

C'mon... this kind of art was just MADE for those huge flat sides.

Seems we're gonna have SERIOUS competition from all the Walking Dead fans, though...

Someday an entire generation won't be satisfied with a "Matchbox" van anymore.

Anonymous said...

TR said:

I'm a grown man...and I guess I don't need toys, so WHY do I want a Tonka Winnebago?

It must be becuase this ad is so super. :D


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