Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Delta Force Paratrooper

There is something so weird about seeing the Canon Films logo on a toy package, it gives me hope I'll someday find some "Deathwish 3" toys....

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YesterdayIsNow said...

Wow! Not a very good likeness, but cool all the same.

I'm sure there are some other Cannon toys out there. For example, they made Sly from Over the Top:

Anonymous said...

"it gives me hope I'll someday find some "Deathwish 3" toys"

...aside from the obvious one that's been a consistent seller for the company. :D :D

If we're honest, that's all it is. DW 3 was... *sigh*

Paul Kersey spends the whole movie trying to get chief gang "creep", a guy who happens to stand around all night on a well-lit street corner.

"Looks like you could just walk up and smash him in the face, doesn't it? Well it can't be done." --actual movie line spoken to a wealthy vigilante-architect who could easily afford any of the best long-range rifles made at the time. Also said while they're observing the "creep" from a perfect sniper's position.

We need a Death Wish 3 disc-shooter. A big shiny die-cast, hard-chromed Wildey-looking one that has an interchangeable firing system for using roll-caps, too. And comes in a faux wood-grain plastic box and a sticker of Charles Bronson on the lid.


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