Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lovely Holiday Gifts for All the Girls!

True story- One Christmas my mum purchased matching sweaters for me and my dad, she made us open them together. 

I was twelve and well, this wasn't a very welcome concept. 

My father thanked my mother and nodded at me, sending an incredible nonverbal message of "bury this in your drawer, never wear it, never speak of it" and that's what we did...

It was the best thing he ever got me.

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Milé Murtanovski said...

I've seen it only a few times in real life, but mostly in catalogues, and I've never understood the matchy-matchy clothing concept between family members, spouses, friends, whatever...unless you're on a team of some kind, your work requires a uniform, or you're in a cult.

Unknown said...

Imagine matching cheese cloth shirts for Mum, Dad, my sister and myself! It was 1976!- Mark J

Anonymous said...

Building on Milé's very good idea, matching-uniforms like this could truly come into their own for "Take Your Child To Work Day" which will be April 25, 2019. This Anon would like to think the catalog planners were thinking far ahead with this page.

In blue, we have the head of nursing, showing her daughter the best way of using sarcasm to put hospital orderlies in their place... even when she needs to look up at them while doing it.

In green and white, we have an extra-eager realtor-duo who simply can't wait to start falsifying their first home inspection report together.

Inspiring young minds begins with dressing to impress!

David Morefield said...

I didn't even know Zsa Zsa had kids.


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