Monday, December 11, 2017

Circus World Toy Sale!

All i want for Christmas is a MIB Stretch Monster......and some Mego Superheroes.....and a Blip....covered in Shogun Warriors.


Mickey Yarber (Retro Rambler) said...

That Big Loader construction set was one of my favorite toys as a kid. Loved it.

Trilkhai said...

The Big Loader set was one of my favorites, too; I really should look into finding a way to repair/replace the traction band on the wheel(s) so it works properly again.

Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

Shogun Warrors! I wanted the big ones but the only ones my mom would get me were the little bitty ones! I had a Stretch Armstrong, when I asked for a Stretch monster for him to fight I was told I already had a stretch toy and I didn't another one. Ahhh sometimes it rough to be kid in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Batman, and The Hulk, seem to be dancing at the club! :)

Unknown said...

A bit late for the Big Loader Play set advice, but @Trilkhai +Trilkhai the same Tomy Tomica Toy set up has been updated several times by re-skining(different character molds for the Dump trucks,Front End loader, and front bucket truck. One is as train engines (they have a dump coal sections) for the top pieces that ride on that lower battery motorized truck. An example is the Thomas & Friends Thomas the Tank Engine Big Loader Playset , there are others. Rejoice this toy is out and for sale as new this brilliant toy is still out there to day with brighter colors than our great 1970's versions. They track is still that amazing grey tract with the center grove that makes the vehicles stay on the track. With the same raised strips to help give it extra traction at the curves and hills. The tracks despite being in different colors for the various sets interchange since they come from the same mold.

Since comment are moderated I'll include a youtube url of old origal Big Loader Play set Running after years of living through a kid and and adult playing and remembering operating it in all the glory.


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