Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Magic, Tricks and Make-Believe Fun!

I owned the "Magic Money Machine" as a child and was severely disappointed it did not in fact, make actual money. Have i ever mentioned that I was kind of stupid as a kid?


Alphacentaurian said...

I think we all were pretty naïve as kids. It's in the job description. People who claim they were wise against tricks as kids are usually dirty, filthy, stinking liars. :)

Anonymous said...

You bought a [possibly- makes paper into money] toy, as a kid?

That's OK. About that time,...as a kid, I bought/bartered for- a Bionic Man-like, gray gauntlet, a gauntlet that covers the top of your forearm.

I thought it would do some cool function...but it didn't do cr*p, except look good on your arm.

Stupid gauntlet toy! :D

plaidstallions said...

Ha! That's Funstuf's Electo Genic arm. Yeah it does nothing but I'd have begged for one as a kid too. Hell i bought one as an adult!


Jonster said...

The Magic Money Machine looks an awful lot like the Richie Rich Money Maker by JA-RU:

Richie Rich Money Maker

Was there any connection between JAK PAK and JA-RU? Or was that just a common toy concept?

Anonymous said...

TR says-
Hi, plaidstallions.

I am the anonymous, above.
Yeah, that's the F.E.G. toy!
It took me so long to earn the money to get the F.E.G..

If I'm faced with such a situation again, [which I might not be, since I'm an adult,...ha,], I'll think I'd get a fancy water pistol, or another kind of water-gun, instead of the FEG! :D

Happy toy buying! :)

Seventiesfan said...

Don't let it get you down, folks. I'm sure many of us thought those x-ray glasses advertised in comics actually worked and gave us super vision to see what our neighbours were up to.
And yes, my brother had that infamous Magic Money Machine, and he still owes me that dollar he made disappear all those years ago.

SunyDay76 said...

Shell game and Magic Money Machine? Seems like they are getting you started on your life of crime. All you needed was a disguise kit and a toy gun and you were set as a mini Capone!


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