Friday, September 01, 2017

Toy Hit Parade July 1978

Ever been kept up late at night wondering what were the hottest selling TV Advertised toys of July 39 years ago? Well sleep well my friends!

What a surprise, Star Wars.

I had much bigger plans for Friday but I'm currently battling a nasty virus, enjoy!


Umbratikus said...

No, no surprise with Star Wars, or Micronauts for that matter (that's where my toy money went in 1978), but what is a big surprise is Play Doh - which has been around forever. And Finger Pops? Those packing peanut rejects? Well, I guess we had some, so go figure.

Hugh Walter said...

What's really interesting is no Hasbro, no Lego (a year before all their awards), if you ran the same list today (it'll be out soon?), I bet they'll both dominate?



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