Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Super Friends go all Galactic!

My pal Chris found this toy hunting recently, I don't know it's origins but I know it's probably from 1978. 

it kind of reminds me about how "Galactic" the Super Friends got during this period in time, it seemed like every week they were in space fighting a guy with a "laser sword". 

Anybody know where this is from?


Alphacentaurian said...

All I know, because of the internets, is that's Batman...
and he can breathe in space!

Seriously, tho, that picture's all over the place, and the holy DC trinity looks like they were added afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Also it looks like Superman has joined the Green Lantern Corps!

Wonder Mutt said...

They had to compete with Star Wars so the " Galactic " phase of the Superfriends was a given although , where's Wendy , Marv and Wonder Mutt ?


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