Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Salute to Canadian Toy Packaging

It's not a closely guarded secret that I'm Canadian. So on the day of my country's 150th birthday, it seems duly patriotic that i share my favourite toys in Canadian packaging. 

Due to having two official languages, we had different toy packages than the US and brother,  it's tough to find.  Hunting these is my obsession because there is no better whallop of nostalgia for me, enjoy!


Seventiesfan said...

I didn't think it would ever be possible, but I now own a 9 1/2" Robin. I also managed to get Doctor Who, Captain Zantor, and Nerfman. It's been a good month!

Anonymous said...

Fisher Price's "Daredevil Skydiver" was one of the greatest toys of my childhood. Whoever designed that parachute set-up deserves a place in Toy Designer Heaven for the sheer genius of it.

You had to work at making it fail. It was easily untangled, easily cleaned, easily re-assembled, and best of all, the harness fit just about every 3.5" action figure out there from Luke and Leia to Destro and Baroness.

The best compiment ever paid that designer came from a buddy of mine who sneered at the bright, cheerful Fisher Price colours and, after seeing it in action, was begging me to "trade" offering my pick of his Joe vehicles to get his clutches on it. No trade. I had toy-gold and I knew it.

He was adamant, even to the point where his parents ended up talking to my parents (yes, he stooped to going THAT route)and my folks, to their everlasting credit, weren't having any of that. I pity the searching his parents had to do until they found a store that still had one. By then, Fisher Price's Adventure line had all but succumbed to the combined forces of Kenner and Hasbro.

No matter. It's an incredible toy... definitely worth buying a used one just for introducing to another, younger generation.

Anonymous said...

For the story above:
He sounds like a brat. I can't believe his parents would ask yours to *give* him that toy because he wanted it/ whined for it that bad. I'm so glad your parents didn't give in. And that your story didn't end with 'The little bastard stole it from me.'

John H said...

Well now you all just made me buy the parachute on Ebay. I want to give my kids some old fashioned toy goodness!


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