Friday, June 23, 2017

Mattel Suckerman Commercial

Happy Friday, here is another one from the recently digitized archive, the original commercial for Mattel's Suckerman. Suckerman definitely fit in with the gimmick figures like Stretch Armstrong and Krusher, they could have formed a League to stop Stretch Monster and Gre-Gory.



JFStan said...

HOLY MOLEY Suckerman was the best!! This is a toy that is in dire need of a re-issue!! The mold is out there somewhere..

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Suckerman!

Some company should make 5-inch tall Suckermans, so you can stick Suckerman on your neighbor's windshield, when they park too close to you!

Tom said...

I'm pretty sure that's Keith Coogan in the commercial (Jackie Coogan's grandson). I recall him from other commercials and bit parts in TV shows.

Seventiesfan said...

I never had a Suckerman, but I do have an Incredible Hulk that is similar. As for Stretch Armstrong and Krusher, I have a Krusher and it still works. I had Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster back in the good old days. I recently bought the new version, which is very close in appearance to the original. I also managed to find the head of the original on Ebay, and I put it on an Inruder body. It looks a bit strange, but it works.


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