Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Steve Scout: Rescue at Eagle Creek

Being a toy collector, I am very drawn to "Catalog Exclusive" items even if i don't actually collect the line.

This Ward's exclusive set for Kenner's Steve Scout is new to me, anybody have one in the box? I'd be curious to see it.


Armpit Studios said...

I need a pair, because I'm Steve and my brother was Bob.

The Human Fly said...

I had a few myself and enjoyed all the hiking / exploring adventures in the back yard and good clean boy scout fun but they inevitably clashed with Big Jim , GI Joe ( The bearded one ) and the Six Million Dollar Man . It ended up as a wrestling Battle Royale with usually Steve Austin winning out and claiming the prize ; A date with my sisters Barbie doll.

As Steve was a high ranking officer , a colonel mind you , he cold dismiss the kids from the ring and win by default.


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