Sunday, February 12, 2017

Columbo on Moonbase Alpha

I owe this incredibly strange bit of merchandise to my pal Corey, who recent acquired it. A Japanese publication which seems to combine Space:1999 stories with Columbo? I fail to see the connection but also am happy it exists.

More after the jump:

Neither of us can read what's going on inside and the book isn't littered with illustrations. I'm going to assume that at no time does Columbo solve a murder on Moonbase Alpha because that would be so wonderfully batshit crazy.

Adding to the weirdness, actor Martin Landau is known for his spot on impression of Peter Falk, weird...


Barry Doyle said...

Landau also guest stared in the Columbo episode Double Shock

Seventiesfan said...

Yes, that is the only known connection.
Oh... just one more thing, sir. It was a very good episode that had some comical moments with Peter Falk and Jeannette Nolan. He really annoyed her.


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