Friday, January 06, 2017

UFO Eagle

Presenting the coolest cross ever toy I've seen in a long time, normally I am immune to spaceship models (cause I suck at painting them) but this just broke my brain.

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My love for Gerry Anderson's UFO and Space:1999 could fill a warehouse and to find out IMAI of Japan added the Eagle to their popular UFO Moonbase model series series is something I simply can't ignore.

The Moonbase kits are actually more like toys, sections of SHADO moonbase filled with all the vehicles from the series, even the earth based ones!

The Eagle is totally out of scale but so welcome.

The kit is the same Space:1999 one I put together (badly) in the 1980s though, save for one little detail.

UFO branded instructions!

More Space:1999

Space:1999 . Mattel Boys Toys.

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