Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Disguise your identity!

That kid is on his way to see "Caligula" and nobody will be the wiser......


Patrick Nottingham said...

I had one of these! Never put the stuff on myself though.

Anonymous said...

I bought one of the bald man dolls, named Hugo, from a tag sale. Once I got it home, I realized that I didn't really like it.
It was sort of an experience of: "Oh great, I just bought this short, bald guy, and now I can stick gross things on him...WHY did I do this, I wonder?" Ha! :D

Anonymous said...

As a follow up to my comment, about Hugo the magnificent [R]: I guess Hugo just wasn't my thing. But, as a kid, I WAS into making little smiley faces, out of Silly Putty, and squishing 'em! :D

Every person, and I, can have your own + my own tastes in toys. That's fine by me! :D


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