Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Action Dads!

The Action Dads, each one skilled in a specific deadly parental art!  Warranties will be found, gutters cleaned and you better believe lawns will be mowed DIAGONALLY! 


Striped Squirrel said...

It seems you've unearthed the one publicity still from the pilot for Dadsquad, CBS's hot new spy drama based around a secret agent team who masquerade as used car dealers.

It was poorly received and was later reworked by Stephen J. Cannell into the A-team, with less dads, more guns.

Alphacentaurian said...

Lawns mowed diagonally?!?! YOU/'RE MAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, none of these gentlemen look like "Dads" or even husbands. [A] is either a rejected costume design for Fred Baker's "Fourth Doctor" or the "casual" attire of a theater critic when he's cottaging about the park.

[B.] is a rare photo of the Proto-Yuppie, seen here nearly a decade before the species' flourished during the '80s. From the coloring and plumage, this specimen is clearly realty-oriented. Marriage is too long-term for these creatures. They've already learned it's easier to rent than to own, and how to flip one property for a nicer one.

[C.] is a fine example of Ageing Academic Faculty. Tenured, Ph.D, and well past the dreaded 4-0. Each year, less and less impressionable freshmen are receptive to his debonair charm and sophistication. Either they recognize the turtleneck was already five years out of fashion or his rank, pipe-tobacco smell reminds them too much of Dad. Expensive skin cream is keeping the worst of the wrinkles off his cheeks but nothing can be disguise the heavy, wrinkled hands of an old man past his prime.


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