Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Uggly Wugglies

Oh I'm positive I had a bunch of these and certainly don't remember the name or the delicious box art.


Joe Green said...

When I saw this post yesterday, it jogged memories of visiting York Beach, Maine in the summer of 1993, and seeing this exact display box on the counter of a little shop there.

Also, after doing some Googling, I found out that Ugly Ugliness are still being made today, and sold under the same name:


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bri,

I found one of these on the shelf of an old toy store near my home, right before they closed down - about 5 years ago. They used to put out old stock whenever the pool supplies sales were slow (during the winter mostly). After the "Toy Hunter" picked the place, it was slim pickins after that. The store will be missed. Thanks for posting the AD - I never knee what they were called.

--David Schumacker


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