Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Summer of Fuzzy Hair GI Joe

While summer comes to end, I now have an awesome set of memories wrapped in some well loved vintage GI Joes.

You see, my family chose to spend our summer weekends hiking the wilderness and then exploring a new town. We got some exercise, saw some natural wonders,  tried new food and then checked out any area flea markets or antique malls  (as anyone who has been to my face book page knows, I like this sort of thing).

the "non toy part" of the day

On our first  trip, I visited the awesome Bounty Hunter Toys in Hamilton Ontario, where I got a fantastic deal on a talking GI Joe in the box. He wasn't perfect but his price was more than fair and he kept telling me he "had a tough assignment for me."

I took that assignment by trying to pick a well loved Joe everywhere I went the next two months.  

I struck out a lot, often passing on overpriced ones but as our family adventures continued, I had some luck finding some gently used adventurers.

Now, each figure reminds me of one of those trips, even the Man of Action, who was angrily purchased online the day we got lost in the woods for 3 hours.

With summer over, so ends my Joe quest, they will remain above my desk, as a reminder of time well spent.

Thanks for reading, hope you have an awesome labour day weekend.


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Chris said...

I had the second "Action Team" Joe from the left in your photo, the one with the blonde hair and the orange jumpsuit (I may still have him someplace, I'm not sure). He had a green "radiation suit" outfit with green goggles that came with set of giant forceps. Joe would use the forceps (sorry, I don't know how else to describe them) to safely put a glow-in-the-dark chunk of radioactive rock into a steel drum with a lid. Another outfit that my Joe had looked like a jumpsuit made out of chicken wire, I think this was for working with high-voltage circuits of some kind, oddly enough.


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