Thursday, June 26, 2014

A bedroom far, far away

Just in case you forgot that Star Wars came out in the 1970s, I present the harvest gold bed and curtain sets. May the funk be with you...


John Scott Tynes said...

Daymn. I had the bed set in blue. It was the bomb.

Evan Hanson said...

I remember seeing this in the Sears catalog and wishing it were my room.

Seventiesfan said...

My nephew has a similar Star Wars bed set that my sister got for him a couple of years ago. I remember many years ago trying to make my room look as nice as the rooms in the Aldens and Montgomery Ward catalogs, but could never do it as well as they did.

Anonymous said...

TR says: I like how all of the star wars heroes + everybody, printed on the sheets, are standing around like they're at a party!

Random Guy says: Hey Darth! The punch is over there.

Darth Vader says: "Oh, ok. Thanks, buddy."



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