Friday, January 17, 2014

The Last Shogun

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I found this single page in the back of a 1982 Mattel Germany catalog and for some reason it kind of made me sad. The catalog (which I'll get to) is loaded with pages of cool European Big Jim stuff, Barbie and newcomer He-Man. 

These two Goldorak toys (an animated series that seemed to only air in non English speaking parts of the world) are the last memories of the once great Shogun Warriors line, which were no where to be found in the US catalogs. 

Speaking of toys (which I always am):

I'll be setting up at this weekend's Burlington Toy Show for something called "Mego North" a Canadian celebration of the toys made by Mego corporation. It's going to be fun, if you can, you should make the trek!
I'll be selling copies of Rack Toys, Brick Mantooth man-dolls and many, many vintage goodies so I can live under the lie that I'm not a hoarder.

Burlington Toy Show information

If you can't make the show, check me out on twitter, where I'll be showing off some of the goodies available.

More Shogun Warriors


Sabrina Steyling said...

You need to come to NJ so I can meet you! And buy a signed copy of Rack Toys straight from the man himself, I love toy and collectible shows...and still have lots of my own old toys! I'm sure we'd have lots to talk about!

googum said...

Ah, Grandizer was the first of the old Force Five compilation movies I ever saw. It'd be a couple of decades before I'd see any of it again, but love it.


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