Monday, December 09, 2013

Canadian Star Wars

Or as I called it Star Wars, this page from 1979 shows a lot of the unique Star Wars items that could be found north of the US border.  From the cardboard deathstar to the regal plush ending with the (very collectible) cheap-o utility belts that recycled some pieces from Remco.

I want to add that I never partook in any of those unique items as a kid, not that I'm complaining (I did great!) but I just find it kind of funny.

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Tom said...

Nice transfer. Would you mind explaining what method you're using to transfer these 16mm films? Do you have a telecine projector or are you using a homemade method? I'm tring to transfer some 16mm films as well and having trouble eliminating the flicker. I have a video camera with a setting for various fixed shutter speeds, but none of them match. Wondering if you have any recommendations.


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