Friday, July 26, 2013

Space Shield

It pays to advertise, for those that listen to the pod cast, you may recall me whining about my precious Space Sword and Shield. Happy relics from my childhood that were whisked off the "Goodwillland" along with my Stretch Armstrong, Bulletman and most of Big Jim's P.A.C.K one tragic evening.

Well, it appears that I had a good samaritan in a fellow named who put me onto another Canadian named Erik who had one for sale, for ten bucks. Erik was not only honest, but just a really decent guy, check out the results after the jump.

Here she is in all her glory, exactly as I remember her. Being an eight year old who a) Loved Star Wars and b) would pick Captain America as his favourite superhero, this was a cocktail of awesome. The Space Sword slid conveniently into the top and acted as a sheath. Somebody had their thinking cap on that day.  

Honestly, I played with this thing so much I could have drawn a picture of the back from memory. Love terms like "Laser Ammo" and "Space Intercom" and that scanner image is burned into my psyche.

This stuff got cranked out pretty fast, I remember the swords actually beat Star Wars figures to stores.  I never actually had a licensed light saber toy, take that Lucas!  I haven't gotten to the best and most memorable part of this swell toy....

It glows in the dark! How is that for awesome!

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