Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ghost Riders?

I think it's safe to say that the Fleetwood Toys Ghost Rider figure with removable Johnny Blaze head is one of the more iconic and well known bits of 70s Superhero merchandise. This is probably thanks to the Heroes World ad that ran in comics, making the toy out to be a lot cooler than it really was.

I was surprised recently to see that Fleetwood was also offering a smaller friction racer version of Zarathos in '76. Like a lot of Rack Toys, I have no idea if these ever got produced but wouldn't be surprised if one surfaced some day...

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Pat last said...

I've been looking around for years and I finally found the info on the ghost Rider friction toy here. There is at least one I have it. Bought it about 30 years ago. It's in good shape..wonder what it's worth$$

Pat last said...

I got a ghost ride friction toy I've had for 30+ years I got pics but cant figure out how to put the on

Pat last said...

Can you post some pictures of it


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