Monday, February 25, 2013

Star Wars 3 pack

Another addition to my ever growing obsession of Whitman poly bagged three pack comics, this pack from Star Wars is something I definitely had. I remember being supremely confused by these ancillary characters specifically the big green rabbit. 

In hindsight, Jax is probably less ridiculous than most prequel characters and I certainly can appreciate these comics as an adult. I hadn't seen Star Wars when I bought these originally, so my confusion was slightly earned, although I must have missed that "All new stories, not seen in the movie" disclaimer in 1978.....


Anonymous said...

Why was Whitman/Western distributing and selling Marvel Comics?

Plaidstallions said...

Whitman was different than a magazine distributor, they would buy over runs of existing comics and polybag them, selling them to toy stores, giftshops and woolworth type stores that they sold puzzles and coloring books too.

The Diamond logo was so nobody could return the comics to the news agent.

FilmFather said...

I too had these comics, and loved the Jaxx character. A green, six-foot, smartmouth rabbit who kicks intergalactic ass? Yes, please.

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