Friday, November 02, 2012

Rack Toy Memories Contest

The month of Halloween combined with getting the book to press has really done a number on me creatively. So, instead of a catalog update this Friday,  I’m just going to run a contest and lay down on this love seat for a while. 

It’s a fun one and anybody can join, so check it out after the jump.

How to Enter: Share with me your favourite Memory of a Rack Toy in your childhood. It can be about how you pissed your parents off begging for one, or how you broke one immediately, felt disappointed,  it really doesn't matter.

Here’s a personal example: As a kid, I was babysat at my Grandparents shoe store in a busy mall on Saturdays. My Grandmother was always good for a $2 bill (which is a real thing in Canada) so I blew it on an AHI Bat plane, pictured below:

AHI Bat Plane

Upon it’s purchase, my doting Grandmother BEGGED me not to use it indoors. Which is, exactly what I did and with a click of the trigger, the plane disappeared into a sea of people in the mall. It’s the first time I saw my grandmother angry. The most recent time was when I picked up the check at a restaurant. 

Anyway, tell me any memory relating to rack toys, be it positive, negative, humourous or sad, it doesn't matter. You’re in. Send them to me using this email along with your address and you’re entered!

First Prize: An advance copy of Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings. In about three weeks I should receive a small box of advance copies of my book. These will go to family members, editors, distributors, the media and YOU!

Second Prize: A Brick Mantooth Action Figure,  an 8” representation of our fabulous spokesmodel character in his mego green and brown glory.

Third prize: Ten runners up will get a set of Rack Toy promotional post cards including some PS trading cards and other fun stuff.

Be sure to visit our new Rack Toys Website and Facebook page for details on the book.  

Contest Closes on November 9th at 11 PM (EST) and I'll announce the winners on November 23rd.

Speaking of Toys

I’ll be setting up this Sunday at the Canadian Toy Con in Burlington Ontario along with Rack Toys contributor  MonsterMatt Patterson. 

So take advantage of day light savings, stop by and say hi, buy some toys and sample my world famous cornbread. You'll be glad you did.

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